Fast Abs Magic Review – The Harsh Reality!

Be prepared to be shocked! I am going to reveal my controversial and emotional story, revealing how I failed with Fast Abs Magic and my inner battle to lose my embarrassing weight permanently, then finally succeeding with my unique strategy within 90 Days.


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My Results

Hi there, thanks for passing by, let me get straight to the point, are you here because you heard all the hype about the Fast Abs Magic product?


If you are, then I am glad that I can share my unique story with someone else that is in the same position I was 90 days ago, at the time of this writing. This was before I found the real secret to losing weight fast, and no, its not using ‘Fast Abs Magic‘!.

What I am about to share with you is personal and emotional. And to be honest in some cases controversial. I am going to give you the harsh truth about Fast Abs Magic.

First, let me introduce myself, my name is Leanne Turnwell I am a 42 year old full time mother of two and ex-wife of Todd Turnwell. Me and Todd met when I was just 17, it was love at first site. At that time I was young, pretty, skinny and a cheerleader.

After spending many years with Todd we decided to have kids, two lovely children, Ross, aged 3 and Rita aged 5. After having Ross I noticed that I had a lot of belly fat that I could not get rid of.


Todd said he loved me and he didn’t care about it. But to be honest whenever we made love I could see that he was not happy with my curves. I also found him gazing at younger prettier ladies behind my back.

After about a year after having Ross, Todd left me for another woman. Deep down I knew it was because he didn’t love my body anymore. At that point I decided I needed to get my body back.

Believe me I was the same as you, I was literally searching the internet for months looking for quick solutions to drop my weight.

First I tried some diet pills….

I purchased some pills that were Raspberry Ketone diet pills. I was told they were the latest craze. I spent over $200 alone on these pills and never lost a pond of weight!

Then I tried The Lemon Detox Maple Syrup Diet

It was featured on televison and I thought it would work well. I paid $129.99 for a full hamper and it was imported from the UK.

It tasted great, but would you belive it, I actually put on weight rather than losing it.

Then I tried Fast Abs Magic

For some weird reason I kept hearing people talking about this product ‘Fast Abs Magic’.

The feedback sounded pretty positive and I was curious about it. In all honesty I was quite skeptical at first, because I have purchased so much BS online, I am even ashamed to admit I bought it.

The product was a 6 weeks diet plan and exercise guide. I done everything exactly as I was told and the results were a joke!

Thankfully I found the answer

After spending literally hundreds of dollars on pills, plans and juices I still was overweight and unhappy and single.

One of the local moms that I knew had lost about 15 pounds after having her first child and I was so curious. So I decided to ask her her secret.

She said she tried this pretty cool product that she bought off the internet. She mentioned her friend recomended it so she tried it. She said it was pretty cheap, easy to follow and teh results were excellent.

I admit, I was thinking is this going to be another waste of my money? Was this gojng to be another Fast Abs Magic time waster? But the difference this time was that I could see that she had the results to prove it.

So, after much hesitation. I purchased it online, tried it anf I was amazed at the results. Within 90 days I lost 10 pounds of fat and I truly couldn’t believe it.

Why I recommend This product

I strongly recommend this product because I followed the instructions closely and got the results. My reward was that after just a few weeks I could see the results, then after 90 days it was very noticeable.


My only criticism, is I would of liked to have lost little bit more weight in less time, but to be honest the results were phenomenal in comparison to all the other products such as Fast Abs magic.

I hope my personal story was usefull to you. I only wish I would of found this product a lot sooner.

Leanne. You found, so will your customers. It's a great label for your website and will help you define your identity on the Web.